Powfest is a women’s film festival based in Portland, Oregon. This year they sought after a rebranding of their organization. Teams of designers were briefed on what they were looking for. A fear of theirs was that POW in Powfest would read as Prisoner’s of War and they were also wary of straying too far from their current design. The logo you see was a collaboration between Maschell Cha, Christopher Shults, Alexandra Grace Taylor and myself. We went for a look that was slightly feminine yet appealed to all genders. We wanted the POW to stand out because of the strength it holds and hoped that the cheery color palette and overall design aesthetic would prevent the audience from seeing “prisoner’s of war” as the client feared. In the end Powfest opted for sticking with their original logo, but it was an excellent project in team building regardless. As you can imagine four people doing something as small as a logo, and all finding a job to do within the building process, can be quite a feat. What we have to show for it is a logo we all put a little of our own style into.